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Capital Improvement Committee

Thomaston Capital Improvement Committee

The Thomaston Capital Improvement Committee meets at the beginning of each year from January through March and collects information about long term capital needs of all the departments including the Board of Education. The Committee invites all departments in to discuss the long term capital needs and then rates each project based on certain criteria. The Committee then presents its finding to the Board of Finance, who is the deciding Board on whether the project will be funded in the upcoming or future budgets.

-Working Group for 2023-2024 Town of Thomaston CIP

  • Chairman, Stephen Turner
  • Matthew Belval
  • Tracy Decker
  • Thomas Duffany
  • Paul Pronovost
  • David Shypinka
  • Frank Treglia

2020-2021 Annual Capital budget presentation

2019-2020 Annual Capital budget presentation

2018-2019 Annual Capital budget presentation

2017-2018 Annual Capital budget presentation