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10/26/2017 - WEB Road Project
The WEB Road Project is moving forward and soon will reach "substantial completion" within the next few weeks. Storm sewers, paving, driveway aprons, back filling and seeding will occur behind curbing, however some other less obvious work will continue to occur and in all likelihood the contractor will need to return in the Spring to address such items as acceptable turf establishment and any other issue that may arise. It is our hope that this project has not overly inconvenienced anyone and that you are or will be pleased with the new roads that were so badly needed. On another matter, the improved roads could possibly encourage motorists to drive faster than they should. High Street and the adjacent roads have a speed limit of 25 mph. High Street's speed drops to 20 mph in the School Zone. Please observe the proper speed limit and be advised that our Police Officers have been instructed by the Police Commission and the Police Chief to strictly enforce the speed limit and issue tickets not warnings to those who ignore the limit. Please drive safely and observe the law!