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1/10/2020 - Special Town Meeting





            The electors and those persons eligible to vote in town meetings of the Town of Thomaston, Connecticut, are hereby warned and notified that a Special Town Meeting will be held in the Lena Morton Art Gallery, Town Hall, 158 Main Street, Thomaston, Connecticut, on Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 7:00 P.M. for the following purpose:

            ITEM 1.  As recommended by the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance, to consider and act on a Resolution:

(a)        To appropriate $6,662,600 for costs related to the reconstruction and repair of various Town roads and roadside elements, upgrade to the Woodbridge Lane sewer pump station, upgrades to the security systems at Black Rock School, Thomaston High School and Thomaston Center School and reconstruction and repair of Carter Road Bridge and Old Smith Road (the “Projects”);

(b)        To finance a portion of said appropriation by issuing the Town’s bonds, notes or temporary notes in an amount not to exceed $6,432,586, or so much thereof as may be necessary after deducting any grants received for the Projects;

(c)        To authorize the First Selectman and Treasurer to issue the bonds, notes or temporary notes;

(d)       To take actions under applicable Internal Revenue Service regulations to allow the Town to issue the bonds, notes or temporary notes on a tax-exempt basis;

(e)        To authorize the First Selectman to execute agreements for the Projects; and to authorize other Town boards and officials to take all other actions necessary to complete the Projects and issue the bonds, notes or temporary notes to finance the appropriation.


            A copy of the full text of the Resolution is on file and available for inspection at the Office of the Town Clerk.


            Dated at Thomaston, Connecticut this 9th day of January, 2020.


                                                                        BOARD OF SELECTMEN



                                                                        Edmond V. Mone                         

                                                                        First Selectman



                                                                        Roger D. Perreault




                                                                        Jeffrey P. Dunn