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Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Commission is an eight (8) member Commission consisting of five (5) regular members and three (3) alternate members. The Commission was established by an Ordinance adopted at a Town Meeting on February 9, 1970. The Commission is responsible for the physical and social coordinated development of Thomaston in accordance with Thomaston’s Plan of Conservation and Development, the State of Connecticut Plan of Conservation and Development, the Regional Plan of Conservation and Development, and the Connecticut General Statutes. The Commission prepares, adopts, and implements a Plan of Conservation and Development; reviews and recommends municipal improvements pursuant to Section 8-24 of the Connecticut General Statutes; adopts, amends both zoning and subdivision regulations, and reviews and acts upon referrals from federal, state, and regional agencies. The Commission also acts as the Aquifer Protection Agency, which regulates land uses in public drinking water aquifer areas within the Town. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information.


Commission Members

Current Members Term
RALPH CELONE (R), Chairman JAN. 3, 2021 - JAN. 2, 2026
TOM MUELLER (U), Vice-Chairman  JAN. 3, 2020 - JAN. 2, 2025 
JOSEPH HARTZ (U), Secretary JAN. 3, 2019 - JAN. 2, 2024
JAN. 3, 2022 - JAN. 2, 2027
JAN. 3, 2023 - JAN. 2, 2028
WILLIAM GUERRERA (D) JAN. 3, 2023 - JAN. 2, 2026
ELIZABETH JAMIESON (R) JAN. 3, 2022 - JAN. 2, 2025
JESSICA LARUSSO (U) JAN. 3, 2021 - JAN. 2, 2024

The Commission meets at 7:00 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month in Thomaston Town Hall, 4th Level, Meeting Room # 1, 158 Main St., Thomaston, CT.  For the 2022 meeting schedule click here.

Agendas & Minutes

To view meeting agendas and minutes click here.

The staff to the Planning and Zoning Commission is responsible for the following:

  • Managing the day to day activities of the Planning and Zoning Commission,
  • Inspecting development projects under the direct approval of the Planning and Zoning Commission,
  • Assisting applicants and reviewing applications for special permit, site plan and subdivision projects,
  • Reviewing and conducting inspections for administrative zoning permit applications,
  • Providing information and advice to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals to enable them to carry out their responsibilities and make informed decisions on all applications,
  • Enforcing zoning and subdivision regulations and investigating zoning complaints Interpreting and reviewing town Plan of Conservation and Development for compliance with zone changes and regulation amendments,
  • Providing assistance to other town departments as needed,
  • Providing information and assistance to the general public regarding land use issues.

Anyone considering undertaking a building or development project should contact the Land Use Office for information and requirements pertaining to any activities involving zoning or subdivision regulations in the Town of Thomaston.

Accessory Buildings and Swimming Pools

Do you want to add a shed or garage on your property? Click here for information you need to know about constructing or locating accessory buildings and swimming pools on your property.

The Zoning Regulations for the Town of Thomaston were adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission on May 8, 1971. These regulations were revised and updated in 1982, 2002 and 2012. Click here to view the current zoning map

View a complete listing of:

Zoning Regulations

Subdivision Regulations

2014 Plan of Conservation and Development 

2023 Affordable Housing Plan

Zoning Maps:

Northeast portion
Northwest portion
Southern portion

Application Fees

Fees for applications vary by the type of project and are set by a Town Ordinance. The application fees are set to cover newspaper notices as required by State law, a  State land use application fee as set in State law, clerk filing fees when necessary, and administrative costs. Click here

Planning and Zoning Forms:

Concern/Complaint Form

Driveway Application

Owner Authorization (must accompany an application if you are not the owner or if you are an agent of the owner (not required for attorneys or engineers/surveyors hired by the property owner)


Tag Sale Information (applications cannot be obtained online)
 Zoning Certificate of Compliance (please allow up to 30 days for issuance)


Aquifer Protection

The Planning and Zoning Commission of the Town of Thomaston was established as the Aquifer Protection Agency under the “Ordinance for Establishment of an Aquifer Protection Agency” on January 4, 2005 to implement the purposes and provisions of the ordinance and local and state regulations. The purpose of these regulations is to identify critical water supply aquifers and to protect them from pollution by managing land uses within the aquifer area.

For the latest Thomaston Aquifer Protection Regulations (Effective December 10, 2010) click here

To view a map of the aquifer protection area, click here

To visit the CT DEEP Aquifer Protection web page, click here

It is the policy of the building and land use department to accept and document all complaints. However, anonymous phone or email complaints or unsigned written complaints are given the lowest priority. Highest priority is given first to complaints or violations involving direct impacts to public health and safety and those involving earth moving (grading, filling or excavation), then secondly to other written and signed complaints and lastly to anonymous complaints, in the order in which they are received.

Contact Information

Phone: (860) 283-8411

Stacey Sefcik  Ext. 3
Land Use Administrator/Zoning Enforcement Officer

Laura Fitch  Ext. 1
Administrative Assistant

Office Hours:

Monday - Wednesday
8:00 am - 4:00pm

8:30 am - 6:00 pm

8:30 am - 12:00 noon